How to wash your Body Shaper

How to wash your Body Shaper

how to wash bodyshaper

    There is no specific time to determine how often a girdle such as your body shaper be washed since it depends on the periodicity of use and care that the client gives it from the moment they acquire it.

There are experts who recommend that it be done two or three times a week if you use it very often and you sweat a lot when wearing it, and thus, prevent itching, rash and redness on the skin. If, on the other hand, the use made of the garment is less frequent, the washing will be done in more extended periods so as not to wear the garment since they are made with delicate materials.

By the time you go to wash it, we leave you these simple tips so you don't ruin this garment:

    Hand wash with a mild or liquid soap because the washing machine can deteriorate the details of the girdle such as the closures, snaps, rods and of course the material.
    Dry in the shade, avoid the sun and avoid using the dryer because the material deforms, especially when they are made of latex and neolatex.
    It's very important; In no case should a washing machine or dryer be used, its washing must be strictly by hand. The garment would deform and its materials would lose their benefits.