Post Partum Shapers

Post Partum Shapers


Post Partum Shapers are the best ally for women who want to get back their shape and relieve
inflammation after giving birth.  We have post-partum shapers, specially designed for this
periods, making life easier for all moms!  Get to know a little about them.

post partum benefits

Post Partum Fajas for Posture:
It can help the woman to recover better after giving birth, reducing pain, improving posture
and avoiding the feeling of emptiness in the abdomen.

Post Partum Fajas for Security:
It provides security when performing certain movements.

Post Partum Fajas for Support:
They provide support to the lumbar region, which is usually
subject to a lot of work during the postpartum period.
Therefore, it helps correct posture and provides stability.

Post Partum Fajas for Comfort:
Improves the appearance of the silhouette under clothing, making the new
mother feel more attractive and comfortable.


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