The Best Shapewear for PLUS-SIZE Silhouette

The Best Shapewear for PLUS-SIZE Silhouette


The time has come to show your bends enough love, and that implies displaying them and embracing your body with satisfaction. Shapewear can help you look and feel your best, however be mindful so as to pick the right hefty size shapewear bodysuit for you.

Our blog guide is impeccably made to help larger size ladies that longing to feature those bends and take them to a higher level.

In the event that you are a thrilling young lady, continue to peruse this since we have the best mysteries to pick the right shapewear for your body. Each lady needs to show and feature their figure the entire life. Furthermore, If Mother Nature gave you bends to become hopelessly enamored with, we provide you with the choices of supports that will cause you to feel astounding.

With such countless styles to look over, we know it's difficult to tell which ones offer belly control or can assist you with thinning stomach cushions, biscuit tops, and the sky is the limit from there.

All bodies are wonderful, and all ladies, particularly surprising young ladies, have the right to venture out with certainty consistently.

Contingent upon your body type, different shapewear choices will assist with making your bends pop. Improve and smooth your shape with the ideal shaper for hefty size to your body type.
Rock any look with certainty!

Which Shaper is Better for Me?

Try not to be overpowered, this is your go-to direct for surprising ladies with pear-molded type, apple body shape, and hourglass body shape. You can find certainty helping shapewear styles intended for your in addition to body shaper.

In the wake of knowing your estimations and being clear of your body type and what region you need to parade, your best course of action is to figure out the ideal shapewear for breathtaking figures.


Sorting out what looks great on you is a long and individual excursion. Flaunt your lovely style by finding the garments that will compliment your pear-molded body type once you know what shapes and styles to search for and which ones to keep away from.

This kind of figure is extremely ladylike and looks like the hourglass shape in numerous ways. Thrilling hips, thick thighs, and a full back are the vital qualities of the pear-molded body type. At the point when you begin wearing thinning shapewear for larger size ladies, promptly your body objective is to make a more adjusted look by featuring your minuscule midsection and adding volume to your bust region.

Cause to notice your shoulders to adjust the way that they're smaller than your hips. You should zero in on the chest area.

One master tip for you is to equip your chest area in strong varieties and huge prints. These get the attention at the top, causing your shoulders and chest to appear to be somewhat more extensive than they are. When you experience one of our Colombian hefty size shapewear you will look perfect in each outfit.

We know now and again it is challenging to settle on close and free sizes, however when you should pick the ideal size first check in our size diagram as per your #1 Colombian body shaper brand.

VIPs like Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, and Rihanna rock their body shape with this sort of outline. Look towards celebs for motivation, it resembles having your beautician!

If you have this body type and need to add more assistance to smooth your figure, we have shapewear choices for larger size ladies.

Our Diane and Geordi 2395 belly control shapewear assists you with adapting the lower some portion of the body, molding your outline and giving you a curvalicious and striking figure. This larger size stomach control shapewear will be wonderful to smooth your figure.

For this event, we additionally offer you fabulous shapewear in Fajas Mariae. One of the most perceived brands of Colombian shapewear for ladies, you can find Fajas MariaE 9182 Butt Lifting Compression Shapewear.

These surprising women fajas are great for giving your body practically undetectable help. On the off chance that it's your most memorable time wearing Mariae fajas we suggest getting a greater size than your standard one.

 Fajas MariaE Shapewear planned snare and-eyes give solace right now to change your pressure, and furthermore, you will actually want to wear off-the-shoulder tops and dresses.

In any case, on the off chance that you are searching for a more limited in addition to bodysuit shaper, we can offer you our Fajas MYD 0083 Mid Thigh Tummy Control Shapewear will assist you with decreasing sizes and shape your thighs.

 What's more, to wrap things up, Fajas Salome has given a definitive chiseling, lifting, smoothing, and molding with solace for an ideal hourglass figure. Its Salome 0321 High Waist Butt Lifter Shorts will give you bends upgrading so you can zero in on the upper piece of your body.



The hourglass body shape is known for being balanced naturally with a defined waist. This body shape is characterized by hip and bust measurements nearly equal in size, with a narrower waist measurement.


We know it is pretty important and special to have an outfit that fits your unique body type. We´ll give you some tips to show your best and simply choosing the correct plus-size women shapewear and clothing to highlight that you are hourglass-shaped.


The key to dressing this body shaper is to follow its natural silhouette.


Once you have all the information, dressing your hourglass shape becomes easier knowing your measurements for the perfect plus-size shapewear so you can get the best fit. 


Follow our clothing suggestions and think like a stylist creating outfits you can’t wait to wear. For dressing the hourglass figure you must proportionally enhance the top and bottom of the body while accentuating the waist.


The hourglass shape is the type of figure you may see in magazines, influencer posts, and celebrities on the red carpet. Sometimes it is called the STAR shape because you have curves in all the right places. In the case of Kim Kardashian, she enjoys a full hourglass figure and plays it to the utmost, and slim the overall look.


If you want to add shapewear for curves into your wardrobe, we have fantastic options for you. Our goal is to help you achieve the confidence you deserve by enhancing your natural beauty.


 Fajas Colombianas Sonryse 046 Butt Lifter Slimming Shaper

Fajas MYD0029 Shapewear with Bra and Wide Straps is a Colombian girdle ideal for your type of silhouette. It works as perfect plus bodysuit shapewear because it holds everything in without squeezing. This MYD shapewear gives you an amazing fit.


Our Fajas Salome 0216 Open Bust Tummy Control Shapewear gives you support and comfort for everyday activities. Wearing these curvy ladies fajas is an easy way to smooth your figure and make you look fabulous. Embrace your silhouette rather than work against it. 


In case you are not convinced with one of these options, we can offer you curve shapewear with a longer shaper design that is perfect because it gives a slimmer figure and full coverage, Fajas Mariae 9152 Compression Garment Girdle. Made with the ultimate in technology, comfort, and smoothing compression, this Colombian girdle will smooth out your curves.


And last but not least, Fajas Sonryse also has an option for hourglass body type. which goes unnoticed under your outfit besides highlighting your natural curves.


An apple-shaped body is very common, women with this type of body tend to have slender legs and flat bottoms. 


How to know if you have an apple body? If your shoulders and bust are larger than your hips, and if you feel that when you gain some weight goes immediately to your abdomen, you are most likely to have this type of body shape. 


The apple body shape can appear top-heavy due to a full chest and upper body with little to no waist definition. To balance out the upper body, choose the best plus-size shapewear picks to shape out your wardrobe. 


Thanks to plus-size Colombian shapewear you can look fantastic in tight-fitting outfits. 

The key to showing your incredible attributes is to emphasize the attention to your legs, buttocks, and hips. Add to your wardrobe the fashion weapon to accentuate your curvy silhouette.


At the moment of choosing your shapewear for curves, focus on shaping the abdomen and accentuating the waist. The ideal compression garment to your silhouette must pay attention to the upper part of the body.  


Many famous women like Queen Latifah, Kate Winslet, Jessica Hudson, Adele, and Drew Barrymore are clear examples of this. These incredible women have worn that stunning silhouette throughout the years stealing hearts.


Now, we know you are thinking, what kind of shaper should I wear? We recommend high-waisted bodies, also shaping shorts with tummy control are great compression garments to highlight the natural characteristics of this body and hide those unwanted muffin tops.

Fajas Colombianas MRE 9412 Butt Lifter Shapewear Girdle


For this type of body, the Fajas Sonryse TR86BF Post Surgery Compression Shapewear is ideal for you, because not only has tummy control, its design also enhances and defines the waist to give you a greater silhouette. This plus body shaper also gives comfort support in your breast area.


If you desire a Sonryse faja but with a longer design, there is also the Sonryse 010 Knee Length Colombian Shapewear. It is a full body girdle plus size shapewear with a bra included that will hide all the uncomfortable rolls. It will flatten the belly and shape your legs while lifting your buttocks. Its side zipper closure gives you comfort and easy fit.


Other options can be, Diane and Geordi 2396 Tummy Control Butt Lifter Shaper. It's a mid-back design plus size shaper control that offers control for the back rolls, also flatten your tummy, and enhances your buttocks. This is one of the best Colombian reducing and shaping girdles.


Although this type of body tends to have thin legs, a Colombian girdle like MariaE 9412 Colombian Body Shaper Shapewear for Women can be very helpful, since it not only flattens your belly, but it's mid-leg design will shape them incredibly so that you have dream legs. In addition, it was made to give the illusion of an hourglass body that accentuates your waist.


We know that curvy bodies are beautiful, so perhaps one girdle is not ideal for everyone. For this reason, we collect essential information according to your body type so that you know more about that Colombian girdle model that will conform to your body, highlighting those natural attributes without leaving comfort aside.