What Are Body Shapers?

What Are Body Shapers?

     The term "body shapers" is frequently used to describe shapewear.However, what exactly is this shapewear?  What sets it apart from the rest? 

     First and foremost, the Spanish term for specialized shapewear is "fajas Colombianas.  "Even though fajas have always been a staple of Colombian shapewear, other countries and regions have only recently recognized and embraced them as a new and superior way to secure and flatter the figure.

     But exactly what are fajas Colombianas and why are they so regarded so highly?  What distinguishes them from other lighter compression garments, and how did they become popular?
Leonisa explains what makes fajas Colombianas the best shapewear you can find, ranging from their origins in the medical industry to their long-lasting Powernet fabric to their various designs and applications. 

The Origins of Body Shapers for Everyday Shapewear

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Body Shapers were originally made for medical use before they became more widely worn and regarded as everyday shapewear.  Fajas were once used as medical-grade postoperative wear for patients recovering from liposuction and other nip tuck procedures.

     Their origins lie in Colombia, a major cosmetic surgery center in the world.They were primarily used to speed up recovery, reduce swelling, and allow the skin to properly tighten.  Latina women who desired a more hourglass-shaped, curvaceous figure adapted fajas Colombianas as shapewear due to their tighter and stronger hold, especially over the standard girdles that were available at the time.  Fajas continued their upward trajectory from there.It is utilized by women worldwide today. 

What Makes our Body Shapers Unique?

As previously mentioned, our body shapers, which were originally designed as post-surgical girdles, are made of materials that are so secure and durable that they can provide women with the best support for a more defined waistline and contoured body shape.

     Body Shapers, which enable women to achieve the perfectly sculpted body with a variety of types of shapewear, are becoming increasingly popular as Colombian textiles have been innovating to provide this support.

     True fajas Colombianas are made in Colombia from stronger fabric materials like Powernet, whereas many body shapers are made in China with cheaper and lighter materials.fajas Colombianas' high compression Powernet is an industrial-strength and medical-grade textile, whereas typical low compression body shapers and shapewear are made of nylon and spandex.

     In a nutshell, Colombian fajas are unparalleled and unrivaled.PowerSlim®, SmartLace®, SkinFuse®, and DuraFit® are exclusive Leonisa developments of Powernet shapewear. These products are available in a variety of distinctive designs, fits, and compression strengths.PowerSlim also offers girdles and shapewear for men and women who have undergone surgery

     .PowerSlim's intelligent fabric structure and one-of-a-kind quality are what make it so appealing. They allow clothes to keep their shape even after multiple washes and daily wear.  The fabric, which has a hexagonal shape, also lets more air flow through it, keeping you cool even when you sweat in the gym or on a hot day.What's more, obviously, the external coating is made out of Powernet, a mix of cotton and plastic.

     Leonisa has body shapers for everyone, no matter your preference for shapewear.  We're sure you'll find a style you like, from shapewear with firm compression to seamless soft compression!

When to Use Body Shapers

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