mens body shapers

     Many times when we think of body shapers we relate them directly to women and men they felt ashamed when buying a girdle but today it is a natural and very common fact since they also want to show off a good figure and without a trace of those annoying chubby ones that torments many.

If you are a man and want to improve your figure, especially because in this time in which we are locked in our homes without being able to attend a gym, here are some of the main benefits offered by the use of girdles.


    Personal appearance: One of the main benefits that we can highlight from the use of our Neolatex Mola Sports Girdle Vests is that they allow the contour of the abdomen to be molded, in such a way that the clothes they use will look much better and will improve their self-esteem, their self-image, which in turn increases confidence.
    Weight control: People who wear a girdle constantly become much more aware that they should eat better. That is to say, a much more balanced and healthy diet should be taken since these are very tight garments, they help to eat less due to the discomfort that using them represents if we are too swollen.
    Compression of hernias: For men who have a hernia, the use of a girdle will be quite positive, since doctors assure that the use of a girdle allows to compress the hernias before undergoing surgery. That is why they can use a girdle and enjoy the benefits for their health and to avoid the loss of quality of life.
    Contour reduction: In the case of overweight problems, it must be taken into account that the girdle is not an option to reduce the volume. But if they only have a few extra kilos, they can be sure that the girdle is an excellent alternative, as it will allow them to hide those annoying chubby ones that detract from the aesthetics of the body.

Girdles for men offer different benefits, and our Neolatex Mola Sports Girdle Vest is made with the highest quality, so that you can be sure that you will be using a garment that will not hurt your skin and that will allow you to reduce measurements.