How to choose a girdle according to your body type?

How to choose a girdle according to your body type?

Girdles are effective in shaping the figure in seconds as long as we use the ideal model. There are several points to consider for this, but without a doubt one of the most important is the type of body.

There is a wide market within the world of girdles, which we can divide into several groups; body or whole, vests, shorts and waistbands. As with all clothing, it is ideal to choose the one that best suits our requirements.


How to choose a girdle according to your body type?

The bodies are varied, but can be classified into five types of figures. Identifying them is not a difficult task, it only takes a few seconds to look in the mirror and recognize some points, which together can result in a body type.

Before starting:

We must take into consideration the critical points when choosing a girdle.

Critical point: this is the point at which the belt must act. For example, in the apple body, the critical point is the abdomen, so our girdle must fully cover this point.

Once we know our body type, we must recognize the critical point.

Body Types:

Pear or triangle body:

Critical Point: Hip

This type of body is distinguished by being thin in the upper part, both the bust and the back are in a smaller proportion above the lower body (hips and legs). This body is characterized by wide hips and in many cases a large tail.

For this type of body, half-leg girdles are recommended. These girdles help shape the lower body, stylizing the figure, with a good grip on the legs. In the upper part, high or open backs are recommended. Avoid bodysuits or short leg girdles.

Cuerpo triangulo

Rectangular body:

Critical point: Waist

The rectangular body is characterized by having rounded hips and back and a very poorly defined waist. The proportion between the size of the upper body (back and bust) and the lower body is similar.

There are few restrictions when choosing a girdle, you must work based on the client's requirements. They generally seek to create a waist, so waistbands with rods and snaps are highly recommended.


Hourglass body:

Critical Point: Hip

This type of body stands out for having a good relationship between the size of the lower and upper back of the body, with a generally well-defined waist.

With this type of body you can use waistbands to further accentuate the hips and lift the bust, mid-calf or fisherman bodysuits and vests. They can use medium or high back girdles and you should try to have good hip support, to stylize the natural figure.

cuerpo reloj de arena

inverted triangle:

Critical Point: Back

This is characterized by shoulders, back and bust proportionally higher than the hips and legs. Generally it is about people with wide backs, we can find pronounced bust, average waist and small hips.

One of the points to consider in this type of body are the "rolls" that usually form around the armpits, breasts and upper back. This is important to keep in mind when choosing the perfect girdle, since some girdles could pronounce them.

For this type of body, we recommend vest-type girdles, with thick straps and a high back that hide the size of the back. Strapless or low back girdles should never be worn, as they accentuate your love handles.

cuerpo triangulo invertido

Apple U oval:

Critical point: Abdomen.

The apple body is characterized by the position of the abdomen, being more protruding in relation to the back and lower body.

For this type of body, a good waist and abdomen support is recommended, you can use almost any type of shorts and mid-back bodysuits. It is highly recommended to use snap girdles as they are much more efficient for your requirements.
cuerpo ovalado o manzana

There are many important points when choosing the ideal girdle, but these are some that can help you guide your client to success or choose your ideal girdle.